The Down Run – 21.1km

The Sani Stagger 21.1km Down Run will be held on Saturday 24th November 2018 along the Sani Pass road, between the Lesotho Border Post and the Premier Resort Sani Pass.

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21.1KM is SOLD OUT


There are NO LATE ENTRIES at the event!

Down Run Facts

Entry Fee: R TBC standard / R TBC Self-drive

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Licences: Temporary Licences available for R30 at registration.

Registration: Friday 23rd November 2018, 14h00 to 21h00 @ Premier Resort Sani Pass

– All entrants are to PERSONALLY collect their registration numbers, timing chips and final instructions on Friday. There is no registration on Saturday morning before the race.

Total number of athletes: 350 – Entries close when full and no exceptions will be made.

Start Location: Lesotho Border Post

Start time: 08h30


– 11h30 (3 hours) for Prize Categories

– 12h30 (4 hours) for Medals


– The event organisers will refund 80% of the entry fee (less ROAG transaction fee) up until Friday 26th October 2018.

– There are NO refunds after close of entries.

– There will be NO substitutions.

– You are NOT allowed to sell your entry to someone else. If you do your entry will be null and void.

– Proof of age and identification will be required at registration.

– To request a cancellation please contact us by email at

Down Run Route

The race takes place along the 21 km gravel road of the Sani Pass, through the magnificent scenic route between the Lesotho Border Post and the Premier Resort Sani Pass. The 21.1km Down Run starts at the Lesotho Border Post and is run down to the finish line on the Premier Resort Sani Pass golf course.

The race route has been measured by an ASA and international registered course measurer taking the shortest route along the course. Please bear in mind that the route is rocky, and uneven in places and you may not be able to take the shortest route.

This is a World Heritage site and we urge all runners to keep their water sachets on them until they reach the refuse bins provided throughout the route. This is a very serious matter and littering could cause you to be disqualified from the race

Runners do not require passports unless they are staying overnight at the top and they will then need to go through the South African and Lesotho Border passport control.

During the race only ATHLETES and OFFICIALS will be given access via the SA Border Control. Should you wish to visit Sani Top Chalet you will need to carry your passport and you will need to be processed through South Africa and Lesotho Border Controls. You may be arrested for illegal entry should you cross through the field and fences.

NOTE: No vehicles will be permitted on the route unless authorised to transport runners. Please adhere to this rule so as to avoid disqualification.


When coming along the R617 from the Pietermaritzburg side of Underberg, turn right at the T-junction at the Shell Garage in the middle of Underberg village. If coming from the Swartberg side of Underberg turn left at the same T-junction.

After leaving Underberg travel for 4km and pass straight through the village of Himeville. Approximately 3km after leaving Himeville you will come to the Sani Pass Crossroads at which you must turn left. Continue for about 13km until you come to the Premier Resort Sani Pass entrance on your right hand side.

Entry Fees

Standard Entry

Entry Fee – R TBC

– Includes transport of runner to start at the Lesotho Border Post on Saturday morning leaving from the Premier Resort Sani Pass.

Self-Drive Entry

Entry Fee – R TBC

– Make your own way to the start of the race at the Lesotho Border Post on race day (Saturday morning) with family or friends

– A 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicle is required to drive to the start at Lesotho Border Post

– Vehicles driven to start will be given a token enabling passport free access through the South African Border Post.

– Vehicles driven to start must pass through South African Border Post no later than 06h30.

– A driver must accompany all vehicles as no vehicle may be left at the Lesotho Border Post for later collection.

Licences: Temporary Licences available for R30 at registration.

Please Pre-Register NOW on ROAG to make your entry process quicker at