Race Rules – General

– This event is run according to the rules as laid down by the ASA and KZNA and all entrants must abide by these rules.

– Current registered licensed runners may participate and their club colours and numbers must be worn.

– Temporary licences are available for the 21.1km and 42.2km for R40 and are payable at registration.

– The minimum age limits are 16-years for the 21.1km Down Race and 20-years and older for the Marathon.


– The event organisers will refund 80% of the entry fee up until Friday 26th October 2018.

– There will be NO substitutions.

– You are NOT allowed to sell your entry to someone else. If you do the entry will be null and void.

– Proof of ID will be required at registration.

– To request a cancellation please contact us by email at info@sanistagger.co.za

IMPORTANT: Entry fees DO NOT include any apparel or goodie bag. An event T-Shirt (R180) and / or Cap (R90) can be ordered and paid for at time of entry. All t-shirts and caps must be collected at registration in person.

– All entrants are to PERSONALLY collect their registration numbers, timing chips and final instructions at registration on Friday 23rd November 2018, 14h00 to 21h00 @ Premier Resort Sani Pass.

– Registration packs will not be handed over to any third party. Registration packs are for athletes who have come to registration ONLY. Anyone withdrawing from the race and does NOT intend running will NOT receive the registration pack. We remind you that entries are neither refundable NOR transferable.

– Entrants must wear the Sani Stagger race number on the front of their vest / top and their 2018 licence number on the back – not on shorts. They are to be visible when crossing the finish line.

– All entrants will have a FinishTime timing chip on their Sani Stagger Race number which must not be covered / pinned through.

– Runners do not require passports unless they are staying overnight at the top. If you are staying overnight at the top then you will need your passport and will have to be processed at both the South African and Lesotho Border Posts.

– During the race only athletes and officials will be given access via the South african Border Post. Should you wish to visit the Sani Top Chalet you will need to carry your passport and you will have to be processed through the Lesotho Border Post.

– Category indicators must be visibly worn to qualify for a category prize.

– All entrants participate at their own risk and organisers and sponsors will not be responsible for any loss or injury incurred during or as a result of the race. The organisers and sponsors will not be responsible for any property lost or damaged on the course or in the changing area.

– All medical / paramedic costs are for the entrants own account. The organisers will not pay these nor be responsible for the costs. All entrants will be personally required to sign an indemnity at registration. These may not be signed by a 3rd party.

– Refreshment tables will be provided along the route at approximately 3km intervals. Because of the terrain there may also be unmanned boxes of water on a help yourself basis. No seconding whatsoever is permitted. Any athlete who has personal seconding or followers on the route will be immediately disqualified and asked to leave the course.

– Entries close when full. No entries will be accepted after 26th October 2018.

– There will be no refund of entry fee nor any other costs should the race have to be cancelled for any reason beyond the organisers control e.g. severe weather conditions.

– All finishers of the 21.1km Down Run and 42.2km Marathon will receive a medal at the end of the race. We will not hand medals to anyone who has not finished in the allocated time.

– Anyone eligible for a 5 or 10 year badge will have it presented to them at prize giving, badges will not be sent out to athletes on demand after the event.

Down Run – Self Drive

– Vehicles driven to start will be given a token enabling passport free access through the South African Border Post.

– Vehicles driven to start must pass through South African Border Post no later than 06h30

– A driver must accompany all vehicles as no vehicle may be left at the Lesotho Border Post for later collection.